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The big challenge we solve

Truly, deeply & widely understand consumers
for data-driven planning

Marketing in digital age become more complex with high-demand clients & new methods to achieve client’s objectives.
The challenges are how to truly understand consumers and choose suitable ways,
which can balance the strength of technology, data & the creative ideas at the same time.
You must also demonstrate it to clients. These things are not easy at all!

Our special offers to fix it

Create excellent campaign

  • Category research
    Understand industry landscape
  • KPI planning & monitoring
    Define right KPIs to measure marketing’s effort correctly
    Track & measure campaign performance to well react & optimize its effectiveness
  • 24/7 crisis monitoring
    Prevent campaign from the crisis by providing early alerts of potential crisis that may damage your campaign
  • Campaign benchmarking with BSI 
    Measure BSI score to know campaign’s performance by benchmarking with top 10 highlighted campaigns on social media

Explore creative ideas

  • Consumer insight mining
    Explore new insights & new ways of communication by understanding consumers
  • What’s hot on social
    Discover most trendy topics that brand can apply
  • Category trendspotter
    Recognize & predict category & consumer trends to follow trends, catch trends or create your new trends

How we do it

Our people put the quality ahead, work smart and always deliver solutions

Besides our strong foundation in Technology, we believe what makes us even more stand-out is our talented analyst team. People are a key success factor who contributes the biggest impact on product quality.

Case study

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Who we do it for

The biggest agencies rely on Buzzmetrics
to capture online voices, analyze it, and find suitable actions

Other industries

our other products

pre-campaign planning

  • Consumer insight mining
  • Category hot topics/ trends/
    mega-trends analysis


  • Brand health monitoring
  • Brand success factors analysis
  • 24/7 crisis monitoring


  • CRM
  • Brand ambassador program
  • Lead generation


  • KPI tracking
  • 24/7 crisis monitoring
  • Optimization recommendation

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