On the fight against Covid-19 pandemic: What have consumers and brands been doing?

Within only the last 2 months, there have been over 65 million discussions on Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis has undoubtedly become the biggest fad topic on social media in recent years. Everyone is talking about it, and all industries are seriously influenced. On social platforms, at first there was a downtrend in the total discussion about Covid-19, as the first 16 Covid-19 patients were successfully treated. However, since the 17th case was announced, the disease has been more and more discussed. At the present, Covid-19 pandemic has attracted considerable attention from consumers, due to the continuous local as well as global news update. People have come up with more recent topics of discussions. This also indicates a change in consumers’ prevention activities.

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How Consumers Fight Against Corona: Take care of yourself is neccessary, but not enough

When the disease first came to Vietnam (10/1 – 3/2/2020), a report by Buzzmetrics showed that: According to consumers, there is no single solution that can help them fight this virus effectively. They would rather focus on a healthy lifestyle to increase their immunity. To be specific, they actively make adjustments to their daily routine, gain more cautious of nutrient intake and put on medical masks whenever leaving home.

However, as the disease has been more serious, people do not only look after themselves but also engage in public activities. Some new activities have been recorded, including: raising funds to support government, sharing official news with other people, participating in medical declaration. This has marked a significant change in consumers’ discussion trend. People are showing the sense of community more and more clearly. They are eager to make much or less contribution to the community.

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How Brands Fight Against Corona: Practical & Innovative

People have shown strong concern towards society. As of this time, CSR Campaigns, if done right, will gain huge support from consumers. In fact, many brands have been reported to support Vietnamese people in an attempt to combat Covid-19. According to Buzzmetrics, at least 250 brands from 27 industries have launched social media campaign against Covid-19 pandemic.

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New Product Introduction is the activity that has generated most discussions. Several brands most talked about for this activity are as follows: (1) ABC Bakery with their dragon fruit bread, (2) Lifebouy with their dry wash gel, (3) Couple TX with their medical mask. These products have met the current consumer needs. Some large retailers, namely VinMart, have also stated that they will not let price gouging and product shortages happen. In the aircraft industry, Vietnam Airlines have been reported to provide alternative solutions for customers that must cancel their flights due to Covid-19 pandemic. The company has been praised social media users for their professionalism. Donation is also a common form of community support. Coca Cola, one of the largest beverage company, have cancelled all their commercial activities and donated 7 billion VND to Vietnam Red Cross Society.

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How ABC Bakery fights against Corona: Kindness is the way

According to BSI Top 10, in February 2020, Dragon Fruit Bread by ABC Bakery to support Vietnam agricultural products has been among the most influential social media campaigns. The campaign has been more successful than expected, as it brings a breath of fresh air to bread, which is considered by many Vietnamese as “cultural cuisine”. In just a short period of time, ABC Bakery does manage to significantly affect consumer behavior. In times of chaos and confusion, conflict and prejudice, the company proves that: Among many ways of conversation, kindness is not the bad way at all.

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However, the campaign does not end with dragon fruit. ABC Bakery has continuously come up with more innovative products, such as fruit bread, dragon fruit cake,…It is even more interesting to know that a product called “nutrient bread” has been specifically designed for medical staff.

Before ABC Bakery, Sunflower Festival sponsored by Eco Pharma topped the BSI Top 10 in 2 consecutive moths. So far, the Festival has been the social media campaign with highest BSI score. There is no doubt about the influence of CSR campaigns on society, especially when the well being of community is seriously threatened by natural disasters. This is not a time  to hesitate for brands. They need to act, act decisively, to bring positive changes to society, just as what ABC has done and succeed.





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