COVID-19: An analysis of consumer discussions pre, during and post social distancing

COVID-19 was the predominant topic of discussion over the first half of 2020. During March – the peak month of the pandemic, an average of 2 million mentions about COVID-19 was daily recorded. From when the disease first emerged in Vietnam until it was effectively controlled by social distancing methods, there were some interesting changes in […]

OBM Syndicated Report: An analysis of Tet 2020 and Brand opportunities for Tet 2021

Since the start of 2020, the Vietnamese authorities have imposed a new ban on drunk driving. Also at this time, pork was recorded to be even more costly than beef. When there was only one day left until Tet, two first COVID-19 cases were reported in Vietnam. Due to these unexpected events, consumer behavior has […]

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On the fight against Covid-19 pandemic: What have consumers and brands been doing?

Covid-19 outbreak has been the greatest issue in Vietnam nowadays. Only within 2 months, there have been over 65 milliom coronavirus-related discussions on social platforms. Consumers are following an aggressive approach against Covid-19. Many brand have also launched CSR campaigns.