Buzzmetrics has activated Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 outbreak

Due to its unpredictable nature, Covid-19 pandemic has caused great interruptions to many businesses. Buzzmetrics has been fully aware of this crisis as well as its consequences and decided to activate our Bussiness Continuity Plan (BCP). With BCP, we aim to limit the influence of Covid-19 pandemic, while still ensuring the consistency in our service quality and the continuity in our business operations. This is a comprehensive plan with the integration of various methods, including: IT system back-up in any critical situation; Travel history and health declaration of all staff; Alternative communications with our staffs, clients and partners; Alternative working location for all our people.

At the present, the protocols we have implemented are as follows: (1) Operation Backup, (2) Social Distancing, (3) Telecommuting, (4) Regular Hygiene Practices.

  1. Operation Backup

Following this protocol, Buzzmetrics have prepared alternative solutions for all critical business functions. To be specific, we provide additional contact point for all important projects, company legal representatives, extra data storage and system processing. This ensure safety for our client’s data and normal operation during the Covid-19 crisis.

  1. Social Distacing

Following this protocol, Buzzmetrics reduce potential infections among our employees. To be specific, we divide our employees into 2 groups, which will take turns to to work from home. We ensure no physical contact between these 2 groups within 14 days. We also suggest our employees avoid coming to crowded places and limit interaction with sick people.

  1. Telecommuting

Following this protocol, Buzzmetrics apply flexibility to our working mode. To be specific, we ensures that all our staff have technical capability and ability to work outside the office. Our staff is also instructed to telecommute, even when the main office suddenly shuts down due to the crisis. Buzzmetrics also recommend online discussions instead of face-to-face meetings until further notice.

  1. Regular Hygiene Practices

We have set up hygiene stations in our officle, also provide medical masks for our employees. We expect that all staff strictly follow preventive instructions by Ministry of Health.



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